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Getting Involved in 365 Whitstable

The 365 projects are run by Kent Creative Arts, a Community Interest Company, a small non-for-profit art organisation based in Faversham. That is two of us in the 365 team, one part time staff and one volunteer. Our policy is not to rely on public funding but work hard on raising money ourselves in private income (sponsorship, sales, donations…), so we can develop a sustainable and self sufficient project.

We have costs like every organisation to include staff, phone, computer equipment, office rent, software, insurance… on top of the actual cost of the project (printing, design, marketing…).
So we can keep making participation to the 365 projects free, we need to raise funds via our fundraising events, develop relationships with local businesses via sponsorship and support in donations. This helps cover the costs and also allows us to take the price of the books and calendars down. Any money made from sales cover the costs of production as mentioned above, any profit (there wasn’t any made in past projects) will be put back in the project.  It is also easy to underestimate the amount of work behind the management of a fairly large project like 365.

So, if you like the 365 project in Whitstable, if you feel it is providing something positive to the area and its people, or simply to yourself, maybe you would kindly support us. You can get involved and help with A Year in the Life of Whitstable in various ways, whether you are an individual or a business.

Thank you.

Read letters of support from Bill Croydon, CBE , patron of the 365 projects, and Joanna Jones, Director of Museums and Galleries at Canterbury City Council.

  • Corporate Sponsorship, providing unique marketing and promotional opportunities  for local businesses to  access our audience in a cost-effective manner.
  • Sponsor a page in the Whitstable book.
  • Donations
  • Pre-order Whitstable books at a discounted price
  • If you’re buying something online from the main retailers such as Amazon, Ebay etc…, Easyfundraising will donate a percentage of your purchase to the project without incurring extra costs.
  • Come to our fundraising events and/or help promote them. If you are not interested, your friends and family may be?
  • Donate prizes for our quality raffles, run at fundraising events. These can be services or products, tickets to events, vouchers, signed artwork, etc… If you have a business, this is a great promotion opportunity.
  • Volunteer as a Friend of 365
  • Connect with us on Social Media platforms, share, forward etc.. to help spread the word. Facebook Page | Twitter

For any information, do contact us.

The Whitstable project in numbers

With a view of transparency, here is a graph that shows you where the money goes…
Note that some costs that are covered by support in kind (ie marketing, printing costs) do not appear in this graph.




INCOME SO FAR (as of 10th February 2014)