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A Year In The Life Of...

The Friends of 365

Duke of Cumberland, Whitstable, 7th February 2013

The Friends of 365 is a community of volunteers who support the 365: A Year in the Life of… projects and in turn promote community spirit and the arts in their areas.

The Friends of 365 are responsible for:

  • The promotion of 365: A Year in the Life of… projects, such as distributing leaflets, displaying posters throughout towns and businesses’ promoting the project through word of mouth…;
  • Helping promote the 365 fundraising events;
  • Helping raise funds through selling tickets to events, get prizes for raffles, motivate donations…;
  • Helping getting interest from sponsors for the current project in Whitstable;
  • Liaising between their community and 365 organisers.

As a Friend of 365, you are entitled to benefits including;

  • Invitation to the 365 exhibition Private Viewing;
  • A named page in the 365 book at £5 instead of £10;
  • Priority booking to 365 events;
  • Pre-order of 365 books and calendars at discounted price;
  • Exclusive Friend of 365 badge;
  • and so on…

Also check out other ways you can help.

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