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Whitstable – Guidance when photographing

This is a short note for all those taking part in the 365 project to help them understand more about current restrictions on photography and what is and is not acceptable for the project’s purposes.

Generally speaking, you should feel free to take photographs of anything you like and we’re keen to encourage as much diversity and creativity as possible.

However, please bear in mind that photographing on behalf of the 365 projects does not afford you any special permissions or rights to take photographs and all the current laws covering photography apply. This is a community project and it is important not to break any laws or cause any offence or upset in taking photographs because it can damage the relationships we have worked hard to build up in order to facilitate it taking place. Every day photographers shoot for this project and build a stronger reputation for what we are all involved in but as with so many things in life it can only take one adverse occurrence to undo a lot of hard work.

For example, we still need model release forms for any person that features prominently in an image and we can’t photograph on private land without permission.

In any event, the golden rule has to be to always ask permission and explain what you are doing before recording consent on a model release. When photographing people for the project do tell them what it is about and how the photographs will be used, which is also a matter of courtesy. Model and property releases are available for download below and it’s worth carrying a handful in your camera bag ready for when you see that great shot that also features a particular individual.

If we receive any complaints from members of the public or other organisations about any photographer purporting to be photographing on behalf of the 365 projects we do reserve the right to reject their work and terminate their involvement in the project.

If you are at all unsure about whether you are permitted to take or use a photograph please feel free to contact the team at Kent Creative Arts.

Good luck with your photography and thank you all for your support and submissions so far in the various projects – it’s shaping up to be a fantastic collection of photographs already.

PS: A big thank you to Alex Hare for his advice in this matter.