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Whitstable – How to take part

How to take part

***To take part is free, as well as access to the exhibition; donations are gratefully accepted to help pay for management and running costs. Thank you kindly.***

  • Read what the whole project is about so you understand in more details how it works.
  • Read the submission guidelines and Terms and Conditions for all details about how to submit your photographs.
  • Also read our Guidance page when photographing for the 365 project
  • Submit your profile so you will be featured in the photographers section, and see who the other contributing photographers are. There is an adult section and a under 14 section.
  • You will then need to register with our online submission tool that you will be using to submit your photographs.
  • You will be able to take photographs at any time during the year 2013. However, to facilitate the organisation of picture taking, we have split up the year in 52 weeks. We are asking you to “commit” yourself to one or several weeks, as you wish, so we can guarantee that photographs will be taken each day. Check the photographers calendar for available weeks and contact us with your preferred dates (from Monday to Sunday).
  • A Judging panel will be assembled to judge photographs entered into A Year in the Life every quarter. One photo only will be selected for each day.

Subjects can potentially cover anything: street scenes, buildings, portraits, landscape, wildlife etc… however we recommend you include people‚Äôs lives, their culture and traditions, what they do at work, at home, at leisure. It adds life to images and they will be very valuable records for future generations.

Top Tip: take some behind the scene photos, what is not often photographed, what is being forgotten or hidden.

Remember, in many years in the future, people will look back on this record of life in Whitstable. What would you like to tell them?