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Whitstable Photographer Profiles

Nicola Abraham

Name Nicola Abraham

Bio I am 30 years old and have lived in Whitstable on/off all my life. I will never be found without a camera, which is useful as Whitstable offers so many awesome photo opportunities.

Lee Ackroyd

Name Lee Ackroyd

Bio Originally from Yorkshire I came to Whistable over 20 years ago and have seen many changes most of which I have documented with the camera. This is an interesting project and I am looking forward to being part of it.

John Allen

Name John Allen

Bio I'm 57 and have been retired for two years having taken early retirement. I was born in Kent, raised in Sussex and have lived in Kent all of my working life. I've been in Whitstable for just over 3 years.

Grant Appleton

Name Grant Appleton

Bio I live just outside Whitstable but spend every spare moment I have photographing at different times a seasons. Only been doing photography for the last couple of years and enjoy processing in black & white.

Emma Bainbridge

Name Emma Bainbridge

Bio Whitstable dweller, keen amateur photographer who finds Whitstable a fantastically photogenic place.

Brian Baker

Name Brian Baker

Bio Neither an artist or photographer of any merit but often use the medium to record a moment in time for posterity.

Joycie Baker

Name Joycie Baker

Bio Coming soon...

Roger Baker

Name Roger Baker


Bio I was born in Whitstable in 1948 and lived in the town all my life with the exception of 5 years at University. I believe I have played an active part in the town both through my business and taking part in and organising events and activities in the last 65 years. I am particularly interested in documenting the history and events of this very special town.

Sophie Bansal

Name Sophie Bansal

Bio I am 17 doing my AS course in Canterbury, am doing Art, English, Politics and Drama. Photography is one of my hobbies and would love to do something to do with the place I live.

Jay Barton

Name Jay Barton


Bio A self taught photographer since 2009. I contribute to local Galleries and exhibitions on a regular basis and enjoy anything from animals to architecture. My particular passion is for monochrome and sepia but appreciate a colour photo too.

Karen Billington

Name Karen Billington

Bio I am a keen amateur photographer since being given a DSLR camera for a 'big' birthday. I love Whitstable and find it so inspirational for taking photos. Looking forward to seeing the 365 project develop.

Christina Birkett

Name Christina Birkett

Bio Coming soon...

Jane Bowell

Name Jane Bowell


Bio Have taken photographs all my life but with more passion over the last twenty years! Lived in Whitstable since 1975 and worked at Tassells Solicitors in Faversham since 2003. Was part of Whitstable’s original Contemporary Art Group when we showed at Johnny’s Art House! Member of Faversham & District Camera Club. Favourite subjects – landscapes and animals.

Richard Brown

Name Richard Brown


Bio Photographer for some 40 odd years: member of the Faversham and District camera club. I have lived in whitstable for some 15 Years.

Philip Bull

Name Philip Bull


Bio I live near to Faversham and like to make images of places that represent how I feel. I have previously participated in the 365 projects for Faversham and Canterbury and relish the thought of doing my best in Whitstable this year.

Chloe Butcher

Name Chloe Butcher

Bio I am a Whitstable, I love the town and I have a keen interest in photography

Andy Capon

Name Andy Capon

Bio Happy to join in with such a great idea. Not a professional, just an amateur...

Sue Carfrae

Name Sue Carfrae


Bio Always on the move, I made Whitstable my home 25 years ago. Photography found me at the Standing Stones on the Isle of Lewis from where the journey began.

Jon Clarke

Name Jon Clarke


Bio I work as a video camera operator and editor, with a little photography thrown in. Stills work is more of a hobby for me and Whitstable is one of my favourite places to come and take photographs.

Chris Conway

Name Chris Conway

Bio I've lived in Whitstable all my life. I am a freelance photographer with a passion for people, I'm currently writing a book on the faces of Whitstable. You can see some of my images on Facebook-Whitstable Image Co.

Nick Cordès

Name Nick Cordès

Bio Local, combining reportage festival abstract and night photography. 2000 KIAD graduate. commissioned by Glastonbury Festival. Published book on the Whitstable Oyster Industry.

Charlotte Cornell

Name Charlotte Cornell

Bio I live on Harbour Street in Whitstable so see (and hear!) the comings of going of my hometown every day. I teach in Canterbury and, alongside my husband and baby daughter, enjoy beachside walks, and slowing taking the coffee and the papers on a lazy Sunday.

Mat Craddock

Name Mat Craddock


Bio Watches, zoology, ceramics, freediving, cooking and photography. Pref not all at the same time.

David Cramphorn

Name David Cramphorn


Bio Originally a Ramsgate lad, and after doing the London thing I laid my roots Whitstable. I still work in London as a picture editor, graphic designer, artworker and photographer.

Annie Crew

Name Annie Crew

Bio I have always taken photos and used to develop my own b/w prints.I always take a camera out with me, whether it's a DSLR or an Ipod camera.

Dawn Croft

Name Dawn Croft


Bio I am a native pearl washed up a long time ago, I have always lived and worked in Whitstable. I have a lovely family, I consider photography to a be a relaxing hobby and cherish the challenge of the 365 project.

Stephen Croft

Name Stephen Croft

Bio I am a fully paid up Native of Whitstable. Married to Dawn, and a family of Hannah and Robert, all of whom I am immensely proud. I enjoy photography and am trying to be more creative each time I take the camera on a journey.

Melvyn Crow

Name Melvyn Crow

Bio 45 years as an industrial and commercial photographer, 20 of which were spent in Whitstable running a studio in the high street. Now retired and enjoying photography as a hobby and a member of the Whitstable Photographic Group.

Penny Crowther

Name Penny Crowther


Bio I moved to Whitstable in 1961, at the age of 1. My father and grandfather were both pro photographers and I have been taking pictures most of my life. I now run Gallery House B&B.

Brian Didmon

Name Brian Didmon


Bio Having enjoyed taken part in the Canterbury 365 I am looking forward to immersing myself in my local 365 project and hope to contribute through the year.

Mark Dixon

Name Mark Dixon

Bio 52 year old keen amateur photographer. Born and bred in Whitstable and proud of it!

James Lee Duffy

Name James Lee Duffy


Bio Art Director, Illustrator, founder of the art zine Pavement Licker, amateur photographer and fisherman. Lives in Camden, London and Whitstable.

Jo Eden

Name Jo Eden


Bio An enthusiastic photographer of all sorts of subjects, I loved taking part in 365 Year in the Life of Sheppey. I make art, sing and act. Published a short story in “A Roof Over their Heads.”

Emma Epton

Name Emma Epton

Bio Coming soon...

George Fisk

Name George Fisk


Bio I am native of Whitstable who can easily trace my family back 6 generations in the town. I am a keen amateur photographer and enjoy the challenge of trying to capture the town from new aspects.

Celia Glynn-Williams

Name Celia Glynn-Williams

Bio Regular visitor to Whitstable

Sally Goldsmith

Name Sally Goldsmith


Bio I'm Sally, 23, Kent. I'm not a photographer, I just like taking photos, like a lot of people I guess!

Tony Gostling

Name Tony Gostling

Bio Tony is an active member of the Faversham and District Camera Club.

Bonnie Grainger

Name Bonnie Grainger

Bio Local Whitstable girl whose family have lived here for generations and were some of the original 'DFL's of the Victorian era! I love Whitstable and walking on the beach, especially during winter time. 'Homemaker' and aspiring children's author and at my happiest when spending time with my Husband and three lovely daughters.

Diane Griffiths

Name Diane Griffiths


Bio I'm influenced by fine art and conceptualism; always looking out for my next photo, but also about capturing life. So when my memory lets me down, photos don't, and for me that's the real magic!

Tina Hagger

Name Tina Hagger

Bio I live in Faversham and have previously participated in the Faversham 365 A Year in the Life. I visit Whitstable often usually armed with a camera and would love to be involved in this excellent community project once again.

John Haimes

Name John Haimes

Bio I have worked in whitstable for the last ten years at a small engineering firm. Photography has always been a keen interest of mine since I was fourteen.

Ken Hall

Name Ken Hall


Bio I'm Kent born and bred and moved to Whitstable 11 years ago. I've been a keen photographer for many years. Since retiring earlier in the year I now have more time to pursue my hobby.

David Hancock

Name David Hancock

Bio I'm not a photographer, but for someone born in Whitstable who has lived and worked here all my life this looks like a worthwhile project in which to be involved. Just got to borrow a camera now.

Ashley Harman

Name Ashley Harman

Bio I am RNLI crew on the whitstable lifeboat and have lived in Whitstable my whole life. Got in to photography about a year ago and have enjoyed it ever since.

Kelly Harris

Name Kelly Harris

Bio I have lived in Whitstable for the past two years and I just love it. I can often be found strolling or running along the seafront and love any opportunity to take a snap or two.

Lucy Harris

Name Lucy Harris


Bio Young photographer studying a mixture of A-Levels locally, looking for new opportunities.

Nick Harrison

Name Nick Harrison

Bio Coming soon...

Chris Hatton

Name Chris Hatton

Bio Having grown up in Whitstable, I look after many of the technical requirements at The Playhouse Theatre Whitstable.

Jonathan Henson

Name Jonathan Henson

Bio Native of E.Midlands Retired to Whitstable 2010. Keen photographer since '72 when I took old Zenith E on a trip to India, Sri Lanka. Found opening for creative expression.

Jason Hick

Name Jason Hick


Bio Lancashire born, Yorkshire bred and recently moved to Whitstable! A keen amateur photographer with a love of all things coastal, and really looking forward to taking part in my first 365 project.

Andrew Hicks

Name Andrew Hicks


Bio I am a amateur photographer based in Margate, and my main passion is with Coastal Landscapes of South East Kent.

Triona Holden

Name Triona Holden


Bio I am a professional artist based in Whitstable and I work in my studio 'The Flying Pig'. My art covers mediums from oils through to 3D sculpture. I have had a love affair with Whitstable for almost two decades. I love the people and the place equally. Observing it each day is a pleasure which I look forward to translating into photographic images this coming year.

Denise Hubbard

Name Denise Hubbard

Bio Coming soon...

Andrew Hudson

Name Andrew Hudson

Bio I am a Whitstable FireFighter, born in Whitstable but have only lived here for the last 33 years.

Alex Hughes

Name Alex Hughes

Bio Whitstable dweller, keen amateur photographer

Anthony Jones

Name Anthony Jones


Bio Fine art photographer dealing with the urban environment.

John Jordan

Name John Jordan

Bio I am a retired engineer living in Canterbury but with family connections in Whitstable going back many generations. I have always had an interest in photography and enjoy photo editing on my computer.

Donna Joyce

Name Donna Joyce

Bio I am an amateur photographer from Kent. Apart from photography, my passions are nature, wildlife and my beautiful dogs who are often the subject of my portraits.

Rob Judge

Name Rob Judge

Bio I have lived in whitstable all my life. I joined whitstable lifeboat 3 years ago and work on the wind farm. I have just got into photography.

Rita Knowles

Name Rita Knowles

Bio I have lived in Whitstable since I got married in1981. My two adult children still live in the area. We all love being here. I enjoy photography but mainly take picture when my husband and I are on holiday.

Jon Lambert

Name Jon Lambert


Bio Living in Whitstable, I can't sing, dance or cook; but wish I could do all three.

David Lang

Name David Lang

Bio Coming soon...

William (Bill) Lateu

Name William (Bill) Lateu


Bio I was not born in Whitstable, but lived here on and off since 1956. Love photography, but have only been able to peruse the art since retiring. I am a member of Whitstable Photographic group. Not all the photographs I have taken can be described as great or even good for that matter, but I would like to think that one or two will stand out, and just maybe, have a wow factor!

Matt Linehan

Name Matt Linehan


Bio Work in IT. Live in Canterbury. Bought a camera 5 years ago. Had varying highs and lows. Looking for some inspiration. This might be the way forward. Shame about the British weather.

Philip Ling

Name Philip Ling


Bio I’m a relative newcomer to Whitstable having moved from Canterbury 21 years ago. Photography is a hobby that I had given up in my early twenties and then returned to with the advent of digital. I also love photo editing, sometimes pushing an edit to the very limits of the photograph, I’m really aspiring to create Digital-Art.

James Marsh

Name James Marsh


Bio Whitstable born. Drifting back.

Michael Marsh

Name Michael Marsh


Bio My wife and I own and run Stocks DIY store in Cromwell road with our youngest son Stephen. I have been at the shop for over 33 years and love to get out with the camera as often as possible, I specialize in atmospheric and cinematic scenes so I embrace post processing to achieve such results.

Tracey Marsh

Name Tracey Marsh

Bio Often referred to as 'the lady with the labradors' more often than not in the shop, because my husband is out taking pictures!

Ruth McDonald

Name Ruth McDonald


Bio A Painter/Print-maker Ruth works from a studio in the woods and at The Print Block Whitstable. Her prints feature woodland landscape and haunting glimpses of the past.

Sasha McDonald

Name Sasha McDonald

Bio Lived in Kent for 36 years and Whitstable for 6 of those. Love the 365 projects and I'm excited to be part of this one!

Janice McGuinness

Name Janice McGuinness


Bio I've lived in Whitstable for nearly 2 years, before that I lived in Canterbury for 10 years. Have lived all over the country - north east, north west, south west & Scotland. Love East Kent the best! I'm a culture professional but not a creative. I love taking photos for fun & to capture the feel of a moment. I use Instagram because I like the instant gratification!

Philippa Moreton

Name Philippa Moreton

Bio I grew up in Whitstable and have returned to live here to bring up my daughter. We love the life by the sea and everything Whitstable has to offer.

Caroline Mumford

Name Caroline Mumford


Bio Mum of two children, my eldest is 5 years and has Cerebal Pallsy. He attends St Nic special school in Canterbur. I hope to show him enjoying Whitstable the way I did growing up. Highlighting disability issues but also an 'I can' attitude to his life. I am more of a keen amateur than a professional, I like black and white photography taking reportage pictures of my family.

Belinda Murray

Name Belinda Murray


Bio Shopkeeper living in and loving Whitstable. Came to Kent to study electronics at UKC. More recently did 2 years Fine Art at UCA. I love photography - film and digital.

Andy Musk

Name Andy Musk

Bio Amateur photographer from Whitstable. I can't wait to see everyones photos!

Jeff Neale

Name Jeff Neale

Bio I am not a native of Whitstable but have lived in Tankerton for 35 years. I have always been interested in photography & the 365 project interests me, looking at local subjects from a different perspective.

Alison Owen

Name Alison Owen

Bio Moved to Kent from Yorkshire over 20years ago. Only picked up my camera last year and taken a couple of courses to learn the basics. Now just getting out and about and enjoying taking pictures of everything and anything.

Simon Paine

Name Simon Paine

Bio I've returned to Kent after too many years away and just love Whitstable and the people who live here. Don't own a camera, but love taking a few iPhone snaps when I remember to do so. This project will encourage a few pics out of my camera roll and into your world. Thanks for sharing, it's going to be a great year.

Imogen Paternoster

Name Imogen Paternoster


Bio 19 year old Kent University undergraduate, lived in whitstable from 3-18 still visit the town regularly. Been interested in photography since I was 13 have taken part in 365 Canterbury in 2011

Mike Peak

Name Mike Peak

Bio I have lived in Whitstable for 33 years and I am now retired. I am involved in the voluntary sector helping older people. I am also an active member of a local photographic club.

Keith Pearmine

Name Keith Pearmine

Bio I i'm retired, and a amateur photographer and have lived in Faversham since 1991.

Bernie Plaister

Name Bernie Plaister

Bio Coming soon...

Angela Pryke

Name Angela Pryke

Bio Coming soon...

Julie Richards

Name Julie Richards


Bio I am a full time scientist, part time dance teacher and amateur photographer. My preferred subject is wildlife.

Amanda Riley

Name Amanda Riley

Bio Newly retired, formerly regional advisor with the JISC. On-going beekeeper, bell-ringer, gardener.

James Robertson

Name James Robertson

Bio Amateur photographer residing in Whitstable utilising both analogue and digital mediums. Previously of Lancashire, Skye, Saudi Arabia and London.... so not really a DFL!

Mark Sewell

Name Mark Sewell

Bio I have been an avid photographer for a number of years know, specialising in wild orchids and nature and have had some success. I believe there is beauty in everything, just open your eyes and look!

Karl Seymour

Name Karl Seymour

Bio I'm originally from Bristol. Blown in on a Sou'wester no doubt. I love living here in Whitstable and this project sounds cool

Ian Simpson

Name Ian Simpson


Bio Northern bookish geek who's lived in Whitstable since 2006. Bloke.

Lorraine Simpson

Name Lorraine Simpson


Bio Love Whitstable & amateur photography. Have lived in Whitstable since 2006 and can think of nowhere I'd rather be. Keen to see the project unfold and pick up tips from the pro's.

Conrad Skillen

Name Conrad Skillen


Bio A young looking gentleman of indeterminate years reliving his youth through a 24-105 lens and a hostage to Faversham camera club

Nick Skinner

Name Nick Skinner


Bio A very keen amateur who is not embarrassed to show his work, and always willing to take constructive criticism.

Neil Sloman

Name Neil Sloman


Bio I've lived in Whitstable for 27 years, many years longer than anywhere else. I love black and white imagery, still use film as well as digital and enjoy printing in my darkroom.

Adam Smith

Name Adam Smith

Bio Student at Canterbury Christ Church University - Taking combined honours in business management and photography. Live in Seasalter, Whitstable

Mary Anne Smith

Name Mary Anne Smith


Bio Mary Anne grew up in Whitstable, where she has now returned to live. Passionate about books (collecting, reading, and selling), her other interests include writing and natural history

Clare Snowdon

Name Clare Snowdon

Bio Tankerton resident, amateur photographer

Daphne Stanley

Name Daphne Stanley


Bio A Whitstable artist who loves bold colours and shapes,living in the town and travelling widely, all of which influence my paintings.

Andy Steele

Name Andy Steele

Bio Former journalist, currently a press officer (yes, poacher turned gamekeeper), I have watched my talented wife take pictures for years and now, after getting a camera for Christmas, have decided to give it a go myself.

Ben Steele

Name Ben Steele


Bio Actor, writer, director, and sometime University Undergraduate at Christ Church Uni. Picked up a camera when I was young to stop my mum Karol from taking pix of me all the time!

Karol Steele

Name Karol Steele


Bio Actress, model, photographer, wife, mother and dog owner. Have been in love with Whitstable since I was a student at UniKent and made my home there during my final 2 years.

Peter Stockton-Smith

Name Peter Stockton-Smith


Bio I am originally from Torbay in Devon and moved southeast via West of England School of Art in Bristol, worked in London and then Canterbury and ended up in Whitstable in 1981. I have tried moving on again but only made it as far as Seasalter. There is definitely something about the place that makes it hard to leave.

 Liam Stokes

Name Liam Stokes


Bio Amateur photographer who just loves being out with camera, looking forward to a new project/challenge.

Luke Tickel

Name Luke Tickel

Bio Local lad who loves whitstable and photography.

Emily Turner

Name Emily Turner


Bio Was a journo, now a communications and social media consultant who loves screenprinting, Whitstable and the oyster festival.

Sarah Vinall

Name Sarah Vinall

Bio I have submerged myself into all types of photography on an amateur basis over the past three years. I enjoy creating a visual diary of local surroundings and always try to challenge myself to produce more improved photos each time. I love contemporary designs and bright colours!


Name Virgil

Bio They say a picture is worth a thousand words... I always was one for short cuts, I have been pursuing my lazy art for many years now and am looking forward to the 365 challenge.

Petra Welch

Name Petra Welch


Bio Relatively new Whitstable resident, documenting a 'year in the life of...' 2013

Kevin White

Name Kevin White

Bio A DFL now happily settled in to a Whitstable way of life.

John Wickings

Name John Wickings

Bio Lived in Whitstable for 25 years, recently retired and I have taken up Photography as a hobby hope to take lots of photo's and improve my skills this year

David Winterburn

Name David Winterburn

Bio Coming soon...

Pat Younger

Name Pat Younger

Bio I took part in the 365 Faversham project in 2011 and enjoyed it very much. I live near Faversham and Whitstable is one of my favourite places to visit. I am a member of the Faversham & District Camera Club.