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Whitstable – Submission Guidelines – T&C

Submission guidelines

      • Anybody can take part and submit photographs for the project.
      • If you wish to join the project, submit your profile first and then register on our online submission form. (This is the form you will use to submit your photographs)
      • You will be able to take photographs at any time during the year 2013.
      • Photographs must be taken in the CT5 postcode only. See map.
      • Each photographer can submit 2 photographs maximum for each day. The online system won’t let you upload more than 2.
      • Please also read our guidance page for photographers to help you understand about possible restrictions.
      • Photographs will be selected by a jury panel every quarter. So the deadlines for submitting photographs are:
        . 15th April 2013 for photographs taken from 1st January to 31st March
        . 15th July 2013 for photographs taken from 1st April to 30th June
        . 15th October 2013 for photographs taken from 1st July to 30th September
        . 15th January 2014 for photographs taken from 1st October to 31st December

Terms and conditions

      • Photographs must be taken between 1st January and 31st December 2013.
      • Submitted photographs must be genuinely taken on the day they cover.
      • Submissions must be wholly owned by the photographer submitting photographs.
      • Images must not be embed with any watermark, website address, etc…
      • Any image of an identifiable person must be accompanied by a release form for adults or for minors.
      • Some properties may need a property release form.
      • Photographers are submitting photographs for the project “A Year in the Life of Whitstable”, managed by Kent Creative Arts CIC. They explicitly give permission to Kent Creative Arts CIC to:
        . Print and publish the photographs on the internet on www.365projects.co.uk and any other websites, in books, brochures, CDs/DVDs, postcards or any other media dedicated to the project and its promotion. Photographers understand that when images can be viewed on the internet, they can be downloaded.
        . Display the photographs in one or several exhibitions to take place in 2014 in Whitstable, where an entrance fee may be charged.
        . Print and/or publish the photographs in a book that will be sold to the public.
        . Include the photographs in the Kent Photo Library collection (www.kentphotolibrary.org) for possible sales (prints and licensing).
        . For any other use (ie calendars, postcards, licensing…), photographers we will offer a royalty fee.
        . Pass photographs onto local history groups to keep and store these photographs as a social and historical record for heritage purposes. Photographs may be used at any time in the future by these groups free of charge for non commercial purposes only (free exhibitions etc…).
      • Not all submitted photos will be used and that a selection will be made so when the project is completed it will feature one photo per day.
      • The names of photographers may be displayed wherever photos will be shown along with a short biography
      • The photographer retains the copyright to all submitted photographs.
      • Submitted photographs cannot be used by Kent Creative Arts CIC for any other use tha those described in these T&C without the permission of the photographer.
      • Photographs may be included in the Kent Photo Library Collection where royalty fees will be paid for any use.
      • Any profit made from use of photographs in any form will go towards the project expenses.

These guidelines may change at any time. Please read them each time you consider submitting photographs to A Year in the Life of.